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Image by Nathan Dumlao

Our Locations

Fortress Cafe boasts three strategically placed locations in Jackson, Michigan, each offering a unique blend of convenience and ambiance tailored to cater to the needs of local patrons and visitors alike. Here’s a closer look at each of these spots.


Coffee + Tea House

Positioned on one of the main thoroughfares in Jackson, the Michigan Avenue location of Fortress Cafe is the perfect stop for commuters and residents in the area. With easy access and visibility, it's ideal for grabbing a quick coffee on the way to work or enjoying a leisurely brunch during the weekend. This spot combines the hustle of the city with the comfort of a neighborhood cafe.


Lean Rocket Lab Cafe

Nestled in the heart of Jackson’s bustling downtown area, this location is a favorite for both professionals and leisure seekers. Just a short walk from numerous businesses, shopping venues, and local parks, it serves as a convenient retreat for those looking to unwind, hold informal meetings, or enjoy a meal in a vibrant, urban setting. The downtown cafe frequently becomes a lively hub where culture and commerce meet.


Henry Ford Hospital

Understanding the needs of healthcare professionals, patients, and visitors, Fortress Cafe has smartly positioned its third location inside Henry Ford Jackson Hospital. This cafe provides a much-needed oasis where visitors can relax and recharge without leaving the hospital grounds. It’s an ideal spot for grabbing a comforting beverage or a quick bite amidst the often stressful hospital environment.

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